Eric M. Stone

A Helping Hand On Your Journey

Over 35 Years of Experience

A veteran of the fast-paced, large-scale enterprise environment, Eric has over 30 years of Information Technology experience. Resume PDF File

Breadth of Clientele

From very large to very small, he has helped them all. Partial Client List

The Back-Story

Eric began working with personal computers in 1978. His career started with electronics and rapidly moved into computing. After teaching Systems Administration for Sun Microsystems, Eric spent years in NYC working for various financial firms. The technology demands in the finance world are huge, which led to vast enterprise knowledge and experience gains over time. Special projects included building trading floors, data centers and fault-tolerant systems for high-capacity computing. Post-finance, Eric moved on to working with various startups and set up the Wyzaerd Consulting corporation. During various consulting engagements there were opportunities to do disaster recovery and project management tasks, amongst other things. There have been coding gigs, sysadmin gigs, database tuning gigs, you name it...culminating in the Concierge Consulting practice with the finest service anywhere!

Depth of Knowledge

Below is a partial listing of core competencies:

  • Architecture
    • Systems
    • Database
    • Network
    • Applications
    • E-Commerce
  • Systems Migration
    • To Cloud
    • Windows to Apple
    • Windows to *NIX
    • Mixed Windows/*NIX/Apple Environments
  • Development
    • Web
    • Mobile
    • Processing
    • Analysis
    • PHP/Perl/Bash/Ruby
  • Business Availability
    • Backup and Restore
    • High Availability
    • Disaster Recovery (DR)
    • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Administration (Systems/Database)
    • Amazon Web Services/Rightscale
    • *NIX
    • MySQL/Percona/MariaDB
    • Continuent Clustering and Replication
    • Solaris
    • FreeBSD
    • MacOSX
  • Network Administration
    • Switches/Routers/Firewalls
    • Cisco
    • 3com
    • Avaya
    • Foundry
    • Nokia
    • Checkpoint Firewall-1
    • Cabletron
  • Security
    • Analysis
    • Policies
    • Firewall Design
    • Firewall Deployment
    • Firewall Administration
    • Penetration Testing
  • Automation
    • Monitoring
    • Scheduling
    • Scripting
    • Migration of human processes
  • Integration
    • Mac/Win
    • *NIX and Windows
    • Applications
    • Straight-Through Processing (STP)
  • Web Infrastructure
    • Network
    • Firewall
    • Load balancers
    • Web appliances
    • Web Servers
    • Application Servers
  • Performance Tuning
    • *NIX
    • FreeBSD
    • Solaris
    • MacOSX
  • Process-flow analysis and streamlining

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